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A space for Men to connect, learn, re-wild, be accountable and gain clarity on their mission.


Stuck, frustrated & isolated?

Are you ready to make sustainable change?

Do you want to get clearer on what it is you want?

Do you need support transitioning into the Man you want to be?

Being Hu-Man Community creates the environment where these questions can be answered.

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Welcome to the Being Hu-MAN Community

Benefit from a growing community of Men...


This will give you the chance to reconnect to your health and wellbeing whilst being surrounded by Men who are on the same path and share the same passion for self-development.


Being Hu-Man Community combines learning more natural ways of moving, living and being in the world with authentic individual growth and self-leadership philosophies.

to understand if the community is for you!

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FIRE SIDE Discussions

NATURE  Walks & Talks

BAREFOOT Running & Hikes

COLD WATER Immersions

ONLINE  Discussions & Catch-ups

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Chris Geisler, founder of Body Mind Practice, is channeling all his years of personal growth, physical / mental practices and natural philosophies to create a space where Men can come together to re-align themselves with the rhythms of nature whilst getting clearer on their mission.

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"seek first to understand,
then to be understood"

THE PILLARS of the Being Hu-MAN Community 

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£55  £35: month - (earlybird discount)

Bonfire in Sand
Free Yoga

Your monthly membership includes...

2x Fire-Side Meet Up(Discussion) (2hr)
2x Online  Meet (Zoom) (1hr)
(Expert Lead Workshop 
via Zoom)


Movement / Yoga Class (online) (45min-1hr)
Cold Water Immersion Meet Ups (30min)
Breathwork Sessions (online)(15-30min)

Access to Watsapp Group & Private Facebook Group
Discounts & first dibs on 2x Men's Nature Immersive
retreats yearly
(as of August 2022)

option 1) local offering

(North Tyneside, NE, UK)

option 2) online offering

(UK, London timezone)

£20: month

2x Online Workshops / Check-ins (Zoom) (1hr)

ALL online sessions mentioned in option 1 + access to all 
recorded calls and catch-ups which include breathwork & 
movement sessions

Access to Watsapp Group & Private Facebook Group
Discounts & first dibs on 2x Men's Nature Immersive
retreats yearly
(as of August)

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Do you want to be surrounded by Men who celebrate your achievements?

Would you like to have more deep conversations about real and important things?

I understand this is a big commitment, but how serious are you about creating radical change in your life?


It is important to mention that I will offer a 14-day money back guarantee so you have a good amount of time to understand if the value you receive is worth the exchange.

  • Where will the sessions be held?
    All our meet-ups will be help on the North East Coast, generally on Cullercoats Beach; however these no doubt change to keep things engaging.
  • How do I book my FREE call?
    You can book your free call by pressing the 'JOIN OUR COMMUNITY' button at the top or bottom of this page.
  • I am not local, can I still be involved?
    YES; in the coming months I will be launching an Online version of the community to support Men world-wide. If you are Local and feel like this would be more appropriate for you then please get in touch as I will be creating a waiting list for the Online Community.
  • Will I have to sign up to a contract & how do I leave?
    There is non-minimum term contract / so you can cancel at anytime. If you need to leave for any reason then simply cancel your direct Debit via Gocardless!
  • I don't want to book a call, can I sign up any other way?
    Yes; please send me an email

The practice is simple
"nourish a lifestyle that serves yourself so you can be of service to others"

Register your interest

Thanks for submitting your interest!


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"if you don't go within, you will go without"

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