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Emma Marshall - Toxic Mould, Functional Medicine & Holistic Health I BMP Podcast #003

Did you know you can be poisoned by Mould?

In this Episode I talk to Emma who was severally effected by the level of toxicity in her home which had a major impact on her life. 

Emma's journey took her to Mexico to seek traditional and more functional ways of understanding and healing her own health. 

Since returning she has transformed her life and gained fundamental knowledge on WELLNESS. She has a whole system approach to understanding human health which encapsulates the Mind, Body and Spirit, and works with people to focus on uncovering the root cause of our problems. 

She is a Wellbeing & Holistic Consultant,  Educator, Blogger, Speaker and Creator.

We discuss practices on how you can get more in-tune with your body and therefor your health. Both our experiences in Vipassana Meditation. Food and the basic principles of good health. 

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