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Being Comfortable Standing In Your Truth - Loui Blake I BMP Podcast #034

Loui Blake is the founder of the award-winning Erpingham House which is the U.K's largest vegan restaurant and is powering several other projects that are consciously aiming to produce sustainable change.

He has spent the last 10+ years investing his time and energy into various business's, largely in the plant-based hospitality sector and over this time it is clear that his focus hasn't just been on building restaurants but his values as a person.

This conversation had some common themes throughout, from Shame & Judgement to Integrity & Truth. We discuss the cultural similarities of Veganism and Psychedelics and touch upon how important it is to feel and be comfortable in our own truth as we all navigate the current social-economic climate.



Investing In Your Integrity

Working Through Shame

The Power of Psychedelics

The Similarities of Veganism & Psychedelics

Friends & How You Can Work On Being Seen

Just because in context of History we have it easy now, doesn't make it any easier

Books Recommend By Loui


In My Own Way - Alan Watts Autobiography

Mastery Key System - Charles Hanel

Subconcious Concious Mind -

Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts

Untethered Soul - Micheal Alan Singer

CONNECT with Loui




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