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James Connelly (Primate Kitchen): Agriculture, FOOD & Human Values I BMP Podcast #031

Do you feel disconnected from your food sources? Well, you are not the only one... as the agriculture revolution got taken into the industrial age, we saw the monocrop industry find it's way onto a significant amount of plates throughout the globe and now we are realising just to what detriment...

James Connolly aka Primate Kitchen joins me to unveil some truths about our collective issues. We centre our conversations around Food and how unsustainable our current systems are, as we discuss some relevant and important problems that face humankind.

James has many projects that caught my eye, most recently joining forces with some big names to bring the Sacred Cow documentary out which for me is all about transparency and decency in agricultural - a real fight to get to the truth around what is healthy and realistic for the planets food systems.

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