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Chris Paradox - The Inspiration Engineer I BMP Podcast #005 Part 1 & 2

“I begged for obliteration, the same way a growing man begs for air”

Chris who is quite the paradox has been performing his inspirational poetry, comedy and storytelling since 2002 when he gave up his career in advertising to go and live under a tree in Battersea Park London for 7 months while selling the Big Issue - which he describes as “the dumbest thing I ever did and the smartest.” 

The Inspiration Engineer talks us though his amazing human journey which involves some incredible encounters with guilt, lies and shame through to liberating moments through Depression and Joy. 

In this part we go back in time to discuss his experience growing up, dropping out of University, success in the 'rat race', seeing Hitler in the mirror, his mystical experiences and his relationship with being a good person…





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