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Peter Khan - Environmental Generational Amnesia I BMP Podcast #014

I had the pleasure to talk with University of Washington Psychology Professor Peter Khan about human unique interaction with nature and technology.

Peter is seeking to understand the barriers we all face in our own perceptions of the 'natural world' and locating the truth in a balanced healthy connection with it.

In the UK three quarters of the countries children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates as a 2016 study concluded... a clear growing gap between our children and nature and the real issue is being unaware of this 'new normal' baseline.

Environmental Generational Amnesia" -- the idea that each generation perceives the environment into which it's born, no matter how developed, urbanised or polluted, as the norm. And so what each generation comes to think of as "nature" is relative, based on what it's exposed to.

"There's a shifting baseline of what we consider the environment, and as that baseline becomes impoverished, we don't even see it," Kahn said. "If we just try to teach people the importance of nature, that's not going to work. They have to interact with it."

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