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Jonny Ellis - The Sacred MasculineI BMP Podcast #025

Jonny Ellis is a mentor, men's group leader and wellbeing app founder yet more significantly a good friend. In this conversation we take a deep dive into the Masculine and Feminine energy systems, discussing the higher and lower aspects that are a part of us all and where these show up in our culture and world at large .

Gaining a clear understanding of these archetypes to me is very important for growth as an individual and as a collective. With great importance comes great introspection as we bring the shadow into the light and look at it fully.

Answering... What the real essence of Masculinity is, Why we are witness Toxic Masculinity, How we can identify if we have a Masculine or Feminine wound? Tune in as we enter into the rabbit hole... "The contents of the collective unconscious.. are known as Archetypes" Carl Jung



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