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Josh Hash - Natural Movement & Mental Practice I BMP Podcast #017

You might know Josh from the Youtube Channel 'Strength Side' which has collected over 30 million views and over 400k subscribers. His follow along body weight movement videos are so much more than fitness videos as he combines strength, stability and mobility with personal development and inner work to enrich the mind, body and soul and sustain being well.

"When you only focus on how you look in the mirror and how much weight you can lift... You put yourself in a never ending loop of feeling not good enough. The weights make you stiff, your ego makes you stiffer... THIS is what we've been sold on."

Our cultures norms surrounding fitness, movement and strength are slightly paradoxical, we train our bodies to become better at specific training and exercises but not necessarily aiming towards being better stronger functional humans.

Josh's approach to movement and life is crucial to why I had to talk to him and share stories, ideas and philosophies. We tap into Josh's ethos and artistic side which compliments his drive to increasingly provide valuable content and be of service to his community and allow people to take control of their on idea of fitness and wellbeing.

A Beautiful Practice: A whole-life approach to health, performance and the human predicament - Frank Forencich







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