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Phillip Cox-Hynd: Navigating the human experience through emotional intelligence I BMP Podcast #029

On this weeks episode I had the pleasure to talk with Phillip Cox-Hynd is one of the leading experts in behavioural change management, an Author and mindfulness expert.

We tap into our common experience as Humans, what connects us and how we navigate this Mind-Body experience. We traverse some interesting subjects around fear, vulnerability, the human condition and our ability to be consciously reflective.

Going into businesses and talking about emotions and energy didn't used to be so easy. Phillip talks extensively about his experiences working in the Business Development world and the programs he has been a part of and created over the last 3 decades.



  • How businesses can communicate change effectively, what to do if people are resistant to change,

  • How we can all navigate our emotions with mindfulness practices.

  • How we can be more conscious as humans to lead more sustainable lives.

  • The merging of Personal & Business development.

  • Vipassana Meditation and how it has significantly contributed to Phillips growth.






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