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The Urban Barefoot - From Your Head To Your Heart I BMP Podcast #027

When we connect to what is more Natural for us, the world opens up and you begin to acknowledge the cracks in our systems and structures, stories we have been told and what ultimately fails to serve us as Humans.

Jeff Shub, better known as The Urban Barefoot, travels the world helping individuals and companies expand possibilities by harnessing their innate wisdom.

He is a Man who lives his life by the laws of the Natural world and we talk about how this can serve our development throughout our interrogation of the unhealthy and normalised Western standards and habits. This was my first conversation with Jeff and we traverse some real life experiences in a very connected manor. Jeff calls himself an 'Intellectual addict in recovery' and has cultivated a wonderful ability to remain in his heart space which keeps him intuitive and guided by presence.

CONNECT with Jeff

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