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Tony Riddle - Reconnecting to the ECO I BMP Podcast #024

How can we learn about what makes us Human in order to align ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually and live from our true essence?

Tony Riddle is a natural lifestyle coach, husband father of four, barefoot endurance athlete and author. He helps people reconnect with natural 'wild' norms so we can begin to truly thrive as we all were born to do.

I believe Tony is someone we all should be lending our ears to and spending the time to learn from. He has been raising some 'socially extreme' eyebrows for a fair amount of years and some would even consider his the way of living alternative and extreme... not me! IT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE.

In this conversation we take many twists and turns as we delve into the ECO and discuss... Nutrition, Breath, Movement, Sleep, Bio Diversity, Why Indigenous people are so important to the planet and education, Endurance Events, Tony's incredible story about how he was born with Clubfeet and went on to hold the Men's running record for the Three Peak Challenge at age 46 and best of all Tony's Philosophies on how to be more Human.

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